• Pentecost

    This week we remember the wonderful moment in church history when the church began – Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down upon the hundred followers of Jesus, with a noise like a freight train. 3,000 people turned to Jesus as the Messiah and received the Holy Spirit. They became...

  • Walking With God – Part 2

    Since the COVID restrictions I have seen more people walking on the streets than ever before. Interestingly, I have noticed that people walking together walk closely, with synchronised gaits, in conversation, happy to be seen together in public. This is a brilliant metaphor for faith in God! To have faith...

  • Walking With God – Part 1

    Recently, I read Micah 6:3-8! I learned three things about God and sin. The message in this passage flows with clarity. God is personally affected by our sins. (v 3-5).  God begins, by revealing his heart, with a question. “O my people, what have I done to you? How have I...

  • Disasters

    This year, like the year before, will have its fill of disaster, both natural and otherwise. How are we to interpret such things?  Are they punishments from God?  Jesus’ disciples ask these very same questions. At that very time there were some present who told him about the Galileans whose...

  • The Gospel &

    Our new sermon series commencing 3 May, The Gospel &, explores the effect of the gospel in the city of Thessalonica. This series will start by looking at the context of the gospel arriving. The studies that follow will explore how the gospel affects all aspects of the Christian life. Please...

  • Sunday Gatherings on Hold

    Currently our public gatherings are on hold in response to the Corona Virus. This does not mean church is closed! Our small groups are still operating utilising save practices. We continue to study the bible, support one another, and pray for the world we live in. The ministry staff are...

  • Whining About God

    The book of Malachi explores life during the times of the return of Exile during Ezra/Nehemiah. The people whinge to God without realising it is their own godlessness that is the source of their grief. Join us at CCM over the next 5 weeks as we delve into this theme.

  • 3:16

    In John’s gospel we explore Jesus encountering, loving and offering life to people. In 2000 years people have not changed. Join us as we adventure along and grow with Jesus over the next four weeks.

  • Our new sermon series – The Heart of Christ

    This series explores Psalm 119. This psalm reveals the heart of King David and ultimately reveals the heart of Christ. Christians, having the Spirit of Christ, can now adopt this song as theirs.

  • Songs of Christmas

    Please join us with our new sermon series commencing 8 December. This series on Luke is preparing us for Christmas. Each week has a song attached to it (except Zechariah’s silence). The aim of the series is to look at the songs and the reasons they give to be joyful!