Bible Reading Again!

Again and again at church we are told to read our Bible – why?  Does God want us to be scholars?  What has bible study to do with loving God?  Isn’t it enough to know that “Jesus is Lord”?  How are love and knowledge related?

The aim, as in all theological and biblical exploration, is not to replace love with knowledge. Rather, it is to keep love focused upon its true object.

As in a marriage, love doesn’t stand still. A passionately devoted young couple need to learn the long-term skills of mutual understanding, not to replace love, but to deepen it. It is of course better to hold on to love (whether that of God or of a spouse), even when we are confused, than to let go because we can’t understand it. But it is far better to address the confusions. It isn’t only faith that seeks understanding. Love ought to do the same; not of course in order to stop loving, but so that love may grow, mature, and bear fruit.

N.T Wright     The Day the Revolution Began

Christ, Himself, calls those who trust Him His friends (John 15:15).  Jesus’ friends, in knowing Him, get to know the Father and the family business!  When we read and live our bible we deepen our love for our good friend and for the family He has made us part of.

Sometimes we stop reading because it is hard work, boring, or complex.  Can you imagine if God stopped listening to us because we are hard work, boring, or complex!  Communication is key to a good relationship, therefore keep reading your bible and praying too.

Denis Oliver