End of the World

Jesus’ followers once asked him what were the signs of his return and the end of the world.  Jesus gave them an extensive answer of things to look out for; wars, famine, earthquake, and persecution (Matt 24:4-26).   Yet the most terrifying of all signs is placed near the end,

the love of many will grow cold (Matt 24:12)

In his prophecy Christ is not referring to society but to Christian community – us.  Put simply, in the end some Christians will be cool in their love towards Christ, each other, and the world.  This horrifies me because I have seen many marriages die from a slow cooling death.  Divorce comes because people simply do not care anymore or marriage becomes a charade where the couple go through the motions while being emotionally divorced.  I would hate my relationship with Christ to end like this.

When a Christian’s love for Christ cools, they lose interest in talking to him (prayer) or listening to him (Bible reading); worship then becomes an emotionally disconnected habit.  When our love for other Christians cools, gathering on Sundays becomes a optional chore.  When our love for the lost cools, making new friends and evangelism both go extinct.

How can we avoid it?  Prayer and practice.  Pray for other Christians that the Lord would give them the love they need and have them do the same for you – use Ephes 3:14-19 as a template.  Practice praying, reading the Bible, and church attendance every week – act like the person you want to become.

Denis Oliver