Rembrandt’s Apprentices

Rembrandt’s Apprentices

A good many of Rembrandt’s paintings were initially painted by apprentices in his workshop, Rembrandt then applying the finishing touches. Sometimes what a gifted apprentice handed over to the master was already so much like a Rembrandt that little remained for the master to do…

On other occasions, the apprentice was so incompetent that Rembrandt had to do a major re-painting in order to make it a Rembrandt; on a few occasions, though the apprentice was again very incompetent, he nonetheless somehow produced a painting that required only a bit of tweaking by the master to bring it up to standard.

The apprentices hoped that they would produce paintings that would require very little re-painting by the master; some even dared hope that someday the master would say, “It’s right just as it is.”

Kevin Hughes, The Future of Hope: Christian Tradition Amid Modernity and Postmodernity

This reminded me of our relationship with Christ.

10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephes 2:10)

We are God’s masterpieces that Christ himself is working on. Everyday Christ is changing us;       sometimes making great changes and other times making small ones. Christ is doing a self- portrait and we are His canvas (Rom 8:29; 2 Cor 3:8).  Jesus, like Rembrandt, has apprentices                 under Him whom he expects to have a go and copy Him at making disciples.

What a privilege it is to make and grow disciples with, and for, Christ! As Christians we must be active and confident in all we do for Christ because we know He will fix our mistakes.

Denis Oliver