The Woman Sydney Forgot

When police found Natalie Wood on the floor by her bed in July 2011, a month before her 87th birthday, she was little more than a skeleton and a set of bright pink dentures. Animals had gnawed holes in bones still greasy and smelly…

That she was not missed for about eight years – not by relatives, not by the City of Sydney council, not by Centrelink nor her bank nor utility companies – is among the issues to be considered by a coroner on Thursday. (SMH Online 5/2/14)

Imagine being forgotten by people – you are around, but not worth noticing. You live but are not engaged with. Does God understand people in this situation? Yes!

Why, then, do you say that you will do as you please, that you will never come back to me? Does a young woman forget her jewellery, or a bride her wedding dress? But my people have forgotten me for more days than can be counted. (Jeremiah 2:31-34)

Many people completely ignore God. He fell out of their habits, priorities, decisions, and lifestyle. For some, God has become that relative you are obliged to see on holy days – twice a year.

Though God does not need us nor is he lonely, he does want us. Christmas began as a celebration of Jesus birthday, today he is pushed off to the side. Imagine that happening on your birthday? Do not forget Jesus. A good way to remember Jesus is to mimick him. Why not invite a forgotten person for a meal these holidays?

Denis Oliver