Unmarked Paths

I remember doing a rainforest walk in Royal National Park with a group of friends and getting lost for hours.  We were originally following the set path and I decided to follow a track that seemed better.

We followed ‘my path’ for quite a while.  As time went by I felt things weren’t right.  I had real doubts a couple of times and yet decided to press on.  Guess what….we got thoroughly lost!  To cut a long story short, I panicked and prayed on the inside while we tracked back the way we had come.  Even going back was not simple; trees tend to look the same after three hours.  The good news is we found our way.

“…my people have forgotten me; they burn incense to idols. They have stumbled in the way they should go; they no longer follow the old ways; they walk on unmarked paths.”  (Jer 18:15)

Forgetting God in our habits, thoughts, calendar, and wallets can get us lost in our habits, thoughts, calendar, and wallet.  Following someone, and forgetting the paths God sets for our lives, is dangerous.  Similarly, prioritising anyone or thing over God can also get us off the right path.

I was a fool for pressing on when I knew I had lost my way.  I was selfish because my decisions affected those who thought I knew the way.  When you know you are lost, don’t keep going.  Stop, get your bearings, pray, change direction.  You never know who is following you.  We are left on this planet to lead others to salvation not destruction.

Denis Oliver