George Floyd

Everyone has an opinion about George Floyd’s death. This week I heard his brother’s thoughts.

I understand y’ all upset…. I doubt y’all are half upset as I am … If I am not here blowing up stuff, if I am not here messing up my community, then what are y’all doing?! What are y’all doing! You all doing nothing, cause that’s not going to bring my brother back at all!
“My family is a peaceful family. My family is God fearing. [pause] Yeah, we’re upset, but we’re not going to take it, we’re not going to be repetitious… “Y’all protest, y’all destroy stuff, and they don’t move. You know why they don’t move? Because it’s not their stuff, it’s our stuff…
“Let’s do this another way…” “Educate yourself. Don’t wait for somebody else to tell you who’s who. Educate yourself and know who you’re voting for.”
Terrence Floyd (In response to brother’s death and riots)

Terrence is so right; no protest will bring his brother back and reciprocating violence does not bring justice but ruins community. There is another way, but I do not think that informed voting will bring his brother back, change racism, temper sin, bring healing, nor build community. Democracy is not the answer, but faith in Jesus is.

We trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection as the forgiveness He offers turns enemies into friends. (Rom 5:6-11)
We submit to His Spirit as He corrodes our prejudices and sin, and builds community. (Ephes 4:1-7)
We await Jesus’ return when He will judge the living and the dead. His Justice will satisfy the anger of every person who feels that justice has been compromised by money, nationality, privilege, or even death. (Rev 20:11-15).
We await Jesus’ final enthronement when He will bring healing to the nations so that the sins of the past do not compromise the eternity of His community. (Rev 22:1-4)

Denis Oliver