Wait for the Lord

Psalm 27 has only one verse that tells us to do something.  What is it?

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”             Psalm 27:14

David even says it twice, for the hard of hearing:  Wait for the Lord.

When you are in trouble, how do you take back control after your flight-or-fight response?  What words do you say to yourself so that you can ‘take heart’?

Here are some, taken from Psalm 27, that David knew:

  • The Lord saves us. We will be safe with him (v1).  What does being ‘with him’ look like in your troubles?
  • Though we can’t always see it, the Lord is beautiful (v4). When life is ugly, his beauty can restore and inspire.
  • The Lord has been a helper in the past (v9). How can you remind yourself of this when you are in trouble, as David did?
  • The Lord is good (v13). He is able to do us good in all circumstances – we can look forward to the good he will do even as we work our way out of those circumstances.

Take heart.  May the Lord make you strong and patient.

Alan Wood