• Worthy of the Gospel of Christ

    The letter to the Philippians challenges God’s people to let their lives be shaped by who Jesus is and by what he has done. Join us as Alan and Graham unpack this letter in our new sermon series commencing next Sunday.

  • “To the Tune of, ‘Do not Destroy’…”

    Our Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has announced a lockdown of Greater Sydney and the surrounding regions of New South Wales. For now, our in-person services have been suspended again. You should be able to access our livestream 10am service through our Facebook page and YouTube channel – you’ll find links on...

  • The Church of Christ – Our new sermon series

    It’s June.  Welcome to winter. Coming up this month in church we are reading the opening chapters of 1 Corinthians. It is a chance to think about what it means to be Jesus Christ’s church – to live together with Christ as our Lord and our wisdom. Join us.

  • A God Who Saves – Our new sermon series

    In the book of Daniel we see God revealing himself to the pagan kings of the world and reminding his own people of his saving power. Please join us as we explore the book of Daniel and see God’s saving power at work.

  • Our new Sermon Series

    Jesus is a unique King whose work at Easter brought about a one-of-a-kind kingdom. This uniqueness is what we will be looking at over the next few weeks.

  • Following

    Please join us for our new sermon series commencing 7 February. As we follow Jesus, we learn as the first disciples did, how to do mission, how to love others, how to keep Jesus as Lord and how to depend on God in prayer.

  • Summer Psalms series

    Come and join us we commence the new year exploring Psalms. This January we are looking at some of the ‘Ascent’ psalms. These are songs for the holidays from 2500 years ago.

  • Our new sermon series – Un-Expected

    Christmas is coming. To prepare for Christmas, we are starting a new sermon series on Jesus’ birth. His birth was unexpected by mum, dad, the family, King Herod and even Satan! Please join us, online or face t0 face, as we look closely at the baby in the manger and...

  • Our new sermon series – The End

    Some people feel that 2020 is the end of the world.  Others are more worried that 2020 will mark a new beginning! Either way, our November teaching series on Matthew 24 – 25 is for you. Tune in online or turn up in person and learn with us as we...

  • Our new sermon series

    From next Sunday we are starting a new series called UNSHAKEN. This series is exploring the book of 2 Thessalonians. We will explore the key truths that keep us in the good fight. Read ahead and see if you can spot those truths and make them your own. Ding ding,...